There are tons of “OK” marriages in our Christian churches today. Well, think about how vibrant your church could be if all the “OK” marriages became “GOOD,” and all the “GOOD” marriages became “GREAT?” Our hope is that more and more couples would find value in getting intentional about enriching their marriages.  Too often, couples wait until they find themselves in trouble, some even at the brink of divorce before asking for help.

Almost every married couple experiences conflicts in their marriage they are unable to resolve. The solutions come when spouses begin refocusing their perspectives, but most will not or cannot do it on their own.  They need another couple to come alongside them in a mentoring relationship. Our enrichment process points them back to Biblical principles and guides them to once again find value in the characteristics of their spouse.

Enrichment Process

We designed the marriage enrichment process to be a 13-week journey.  This process is great for couples needing a tune-up or wanting to take their marriages to the next level. This type of mentoring is also great for couples that would love to come alongside other married couples in their marriage but don’t believe they are quite where they need to be in order to mentor.  The enrichment process will positively strengthen any mentee’s marriage as well as prepare them to become potential mentors themselves.  Here is an overview of what the process looks like:

Mentor and Mentee couples meet and get to know each other.

Mentors unpack the results of their mentees’ Uniquely United Assessment helping them better understand how they were uniquely created by God and how their personality impacts their communication, problem solving, desired social interactions, finances and more.

Mentors lead their mentee couple through the Devoted workbook helping them understanding God’s perspective on Covenant, Commitment, Identity in Christ, Forgiveness, Spirit-led living, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Finances and Sexuality. Mentee couples develop a biblical foundation and become equipped with a variety of tools to assist them as they continue to grow as a couple with Christ at the center of their marriage.

Mentor and mentee couples celebrate as they look back on all that God has done in their marriages through the enrichment process and look forward with anticipation of what God still has planned for them.

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