You are why we exist.

Everything about this ministry is focused on preparing for, enriching or restoring your marriage. However, what you find on this site is not the long term solution for why you’re here.

We believe relational skills and concepts are transferred over time through a process. We also believe one reason the local church exists is to be a conduit by which these relational skills are learned. How? Through a relationship with another individual, or another married couple. Therefore, instead of this ministry attempting to be a “One Stop Shop” intended to provide you with all the resources you need to have a happy marriage, we equip mentors in local churches to come alongside you through a process designed to show you how to have a joy-filled marriage.

Our certified mentors spend as much as 25-30 hours before mentoring another couple. Mentors learn how to impart relational skills for marriage using the Bible and their life experiences. In addition, they understand what is required of them. What makes them distinctively different from mentors in other mentoring/coaching programs is they have agreed to mentor a prequalified mentee couple for as long as a year if it should take that long. However, our research has shown that almost all mentor/mentee relationships become life long friendships.

Like mentors, it is important for mentees to understand what is required of them. To learn more, click here.

Even though our research has proven true lasting change only occurs over time, we have provided a few tips and recommendations for you. click here.

After 5 years of development, we are just now expanding nationally. To find out if there is a Marriage Mentors church in your area, simply click here. If you do not see us in your area and like to be mentored, contact your church or a church in your area and encourage them to visit this site for information on becoming a Marriage Mentor partnering church.

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