All couples enter into marriage with their own set of expectations of what a marriage relationship looks like. A set of presuppositions determining how they will live out the rest of their days together as husband and wife. Unfortunately, within months of reciting the marriage vows, the wife begins to notice that the prince is beginning to slightly resemble a frog. The husband begins to see a little of the maid coming out in the wife and not the princess. Neither husband or wife could have imagined that marriage would be so different from what they envisioned it would be.

So when issues surface, and they will, why would meeting couple with couple in a mentoring environment make a difference that a myriad of self help books, TV talk show hosts, seminars and conferences couldn't make? Mentors are in it for the long haul. Unlike other temporary methods, they won't drop a few pearls of wisdom, then leave you to figure things out on your own. Mentor couples have been trained to help you recognize your part in what's wrong in your marriage (or what could go wrong). Mentors canʼt and don't fix either spouse. Because they're passionate about your marriage and your relationship with Christ, Mentors do not offer pop psychology; instead their insight is Biblically based.

Our mentoring process is intentional. Every mentee couple receives a Mentee Journal and a Devoted Workbook. Each journal and workbook includes segments and exercises the mentee couple is required to complete. Mentee couples must display a willingness to consistently complete their work, and be willing to sign a statement of commitment stating so.

This approach also brings to the surface issues such as alcoholism, uncontrolled anger, pornography, and other problems greatly affecting marriages today. Sometimes so severely, mentors are not equipped to properly handle them. When this occurs, Marriage Mentors refers to professional Christian counseling or other restoration organizations. Some of our referrals include Focus on the Family counseling division, Celebrate Recovery or Hope for the Heart Ministries.

For a list of other “Ground Rules” for mentees, please click Mentoring Ground Rules.

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